Your roof may need more attention than you think

Hail and wind storms can reduce the longevity of your roof. It is very important to perform regular maintenance work on the roof so you can be sure, that weather will not surprise you or leave you with big and serious damages to deal with.

Probably you know many things about the house care and keeping it in a good condition, but there is a few facts that you may not be familiar with. Next time a storm goes tearing through your neighborhood, there are some things you should keep in mind:

First, hail could cause your shingles protective granule coating to loosen and fall off. Second, excessive winds interfere the natural flow of water on roofs. Third, tree and foliage debris could be blown onto your roof, causing damage. Fourth, as wind blows water under the shingles, it leaves your inner roof unprotected and vulnerable to leaks. And the last, with your roof unprotected from blowing water, cracks and holes can expand causing additional water damage.

Sometimes first stages of damage are not visible and you may not notice them. That is why so important is having regular check ups on the condition of the roof and its components. Remembering that, the possibility of potential damages and problems connected with them seriously strikes down, and you can sleep calm, not worrying if there is anything wrong.

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